Disability is not an inability! 
Providing Performing Arts Workshops for people with disabilities and additional needs.

"We were delighted with the workshops delivered by Jade on several occasions, enjoyable, fun and interactive!"

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Spectrum Zoom Sessions!

We are now offering Zoom Sessions, so that you can join in with all of the magic of Spectrum from the comfort of your own home! Have a look at our timetable to see what sessions we have on offer.



Our sessions are all about that feel-good factor! We focus, highlight and praise what our participants CAN do, rather than what their disability states they can’t.


All activities are accessible and made adaptable for the people we have in the room – meaning each person can achieve and feels great doing so!



The performing arts itself is a series of channels of communication. Emotions, characters and stories can be expressed through non-verbal movement and gestures.


Through exploring this, participants often find a new ‘voice’; a way to express who they are and their emotions through a more creative means.

Creating a


Many participants say that their favourite thing about Spectrum is that they can be themselves without fear of judgement! The workshops are designed to support individuals to access the sessions with as little anxiety as possible.

Our team of trained volunteers and experienced staff members are looking forward to welcoming you!  


Join us on YouTube!

As a result of the current climate and situation we're all in, we are sharing weekly Dance Along At Home videos.

Join us over on YouTube to stay fit and active from you own home!


Help Make Children's Lives Sparkle!

Why we need your help

We believe the performing arts should be made accessible to EVERYONE! In order to do that we want to keep participant numbers low in sessions (to help those with both sensory needs and anxiety),  make use of sensory props and keep the club prices to a minimum! 
However, we do have a lot of costs; volunteers uniforms, training and DBS checks, hall hire, insurance, marketing, music license and admin fees. 

The support you could give us through your donations would mean that we could provide more props, costumes and sensory equipment, maintain the sessions that we currently run and provide training for all of our volunteers. Most importantly your donations allows us to keep classes affordable and accessible to our participants. 

The wonderful thing about Spectrum is seeing the children's reactions to the classes and watching them grow in confidence; 

"It's my dance club and I love dancing with Jade. I feel happy! I love the shaky egg song." - Oliver age 7

These classes aren't just for the children it provides an environment where parents / carers feel supported and can see the benefits of performance arts on their children. 


"Being at Spectrum has boosted Amber's confidence and she has enjoyed making friends. Part of her syndrome is memory so dancing and learning routines is helping and she tells me all the time "she loves it"


So when you make your donation to us, a whole host of the community will be grateful because you are helping us provide a space for those with disabilities and additional needs to freely be themselves, grow in self-esteem and to SHINE!


Thank You



Founder of Spectrum Community Arts Ltd

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