Here at Spectrum Community Arts, our aim is to enable participants to develop their self-esteem and self-expression through dance, drama and singing. Our weekly out of school clubs run for an hour during term time. Participants are invited to perform at different events throughout the year, including our annual Christmas showcase!

Accessible For All

Spectrum's weekly one hour workshops are specifically created for people with disabilities. 

The sessions include sensory props and the use of PECS and images to aid communication.

Small Class Sizes

Class sizes are kept to a max of 10. 

That way Jade and her assistants can ensure that every individual is fully accessing the workshop, 

creating an enjoyable and supportive environment. 


Weekly clubs are £6 pay as you go for your first three weeks!

You then have the option to pay half-termly at £7 a session OR termly at only £6 per session!


Class Timetable

*Access sheets for the venue and/or bespoke PECS cards can be sent out upon request after registering.

Weekly Club Elements & Benefits

These weekly clubs incorporate dance, drama and singing.

A sessions consist of:

A warm up and stretch 

Learning part of a dance routine

Collaborative choreography

Sensory props


Vocal exercises

Drama games

Physical theatre exercises

Devising theatre pieces

Craft activities


A cool down

Sensory Movers

This movement based group will use a mix of different music - from different genres and with different emotions. Each piece of music will have movement that we engage in and involve a sensory element.

Some tracks have a set routine that everyone will be encouraged to copy and follow, others will be more free so the children can improvise and enjoy moving and dancing in their own individual ways!

Parents/carers are asked to remain with their child for these sessions. 

8-17 Years
6 -7 PM
(Term Time)
Adult Movers
This fun, inclusive dance club is for adults both with and without disabilities who love to move! The sessions will work on learning fun routines and choreographing your own.
We will be exploring different styles of dance and music while aiming to develop self-esteem, self-expression, help maintain a healthy lifestyle and make friends!
18+ Years
7 - 8 PM
(Term Time)
Mini Sensory Movers
Mini Sensory Movers.jpg
This session is a fun, relaxed dance club where the children learn new routines, explore different types of music and play lots of games!

We use lots of different sensory props in our routines such as different lights, masks, shakey eggs, ribbons and scarves!

4-8 Years
5-6 PM
(Term Time)
Junior Movers
Junior Movers.jpg
This session is aimed at learning and remembering fun dance routines. We learn steps and incorporate collaborative choreography to help develop social and team skills.
We always finish with a game before our cool down! 
8+ Years
6-7 PM
(Term Time)
Spectrum Beats - COMING SOON!
A session all about nurturing social, emotional and cognitive development, while making music together! This is our first collaboration with the wonderful KeyBeats! Dr Sarah Robinson will be leading this fun new sensory music club!
7 -14 Years
5:30 - 6:30 PM
(Term Time)
Drama Stars - COMING SOON!
A club where you can be yourself, let your imagination shine and make friendships through various fun, accessible acting games and exercises!
10 - 17 Years
6:45 - 7:45 PM
(Term Time)
Sensory Performers
A performing arts club using sensory props and activities to explore dance, drama and music.
7-17 Years
5 - 6 PM
(Term Time)
Performing Arts Club
A fun club that helps participants develop their self-esteem and self-expression through learning dance, drama and singing skills and techniques!
7-17 Years
6 - 7 PM
(Term Time)

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