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18+ Years
7:00-8:00 PM
Tuesday Evenings (Term Time)
Vandyke Upper School Leighton Buzzard, LU7 3DY

About the session...


Adult Movers is all about moving your body and learning a dance routine! This session is great for promoting a healthy lifestyle, growing self-esteem, busting loneliness and making new friends!


This class explores a range of different dance styles and music, these choices are influenced by the interests of the group and are always choreographed specifically with them in mind.


All dance moves in the routine can be adapted and translated onto participants' own bodies, we use inclusive language such as ‘reach’ ‘travel’ ‘spin’ so that participants get the choice of how they move their body in a way that suits them.  

Adult Movers is aimed at those with a lower level of need and can follow instructions.


It is a structured class, but lots of opportunities to move freely and be creative together. 


The people I support who attend Spectrum classes have benefited so very much and they have an absolute ball!

- Support Worker of Current Performer


What makes this class accessible?

  • Visual timetables so participants can see the structure of the session.  

  • The same structure and songs each week/half-term to help participants create a routine.

  • Visuals/PECS to help participants with communication and choice-making. 

  • Makaton signs to support communication. 

  • Inclusive language.

  • Sensory bag is available to support self-regulation.

  • Ear defenders are available for dancers to borrow. 

  • Class capped at 12 dancers to reduce overwhelm. 

  • Volunteers to help support and engage our participants when needed. 

  • Movement translated for individual participants needs. 

  • Seats available for those less mobile. 

What to expect in a typical Adult Movers Session? 

Seated Warm-up

  • Bringing everyone together 

  • The seated warmup helps to mobilise your joints and consists of tapping/rubbing body parts to bring heat to our bodies. 


Energetic Warm-up 

  • Faster-paced warm up which helps build up energy and enthusiasm! 


Creative Activity 

  • Focusing on different ways we can move our bodies through the space 

  • Here, we do a lot of teamwork and encourage self-expression 


Break time 

  • 5/10 minutes to have a drink, use the toilet and socialise!  


Dance and Movement

  • Each week we will practise and learn a the next steps of the dance routine.  

  • We encourage the dancers to suggest their own moves to put into or influence the routine.  

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Cool Down

  • Coming together to finish the session 

  • Stretching out our bodies and slowing down our heart rates with deep breathing 

This class is led by Poppy

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