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18+ Years
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7.15 -8.15 PM
Thursday Evenings (Term Time)
Oxley Park Community Centre
Milton Keynes MK4 4TA

About the session...


Adult Sensory Movers is a fun, relaxed movement club where the dancers explore different types of music and props such as ribbons, pom poms and of course the parachute!


Adult Sensory Movers is a safe space where dancers can unapologetically be themselves without judgement!


The playlist and props stay the same for each half-term’s theme and each song has an accompanying prop. Expect super high energy, lots of noise (we do have ear defenders in the classes), a chance for the dancers (and parent/carers) to make friends and a whole heap of fun!   

This club is aimed at those with a higher level of support needs and is fantastic for sensory seekers!


Although the session is structured it is purposefully relaxed in a way that the dancers can choose not to copy the routines and can follow their own instincts to activate their senses, explore, move and grow!  

- Parent of a current Performer


We absolutely love the Spectrum family and everything they stand for! My child feels like she has a place in this world to be her individual self, which is amazing!


What makes this class accessible?

  • Visual Timetable to support transitions 

  • Visuals used to support communication and themes/topics 

  • Makaton to support communication and processing of instructions 

  • Sensory bag is available to support self-regulation

  • Ear defenders available for dancers to borrow  

  • Class capped at 10 dancers to reduce the overwhelm

  • Higher ratio of volunteers in the class to provide 1:1 support/engagement where possible 

  • No pressure to follow or learn routines – just follow along when they’re ready 

  • All stimming is welcomed and accepted

  • ​ Coloured non-slip spots to encourage the dancers where to dance in the room to support with grounding and personal space 

  • Use of different sensory props and costumes to help bring themes to life and engage/regulate the senses in different ways 

  • Singing is used intermittently to add transitions in the session 

  • Lots of tapping, brushing and squeezing in the dance moves to help stimulate and regulate the proprioceptive sense.  

What to expect in a typical Adult Sensory Movers Session? 

Sensory Props.png

Free-flow Prop Exploration  

  • This time allows the dancers to enter the room and explore in the way they need to in that moment 

  • A lot of our dancers run around, or stim in this time as we settle into the space 


Hello Song

  • An opportunity for everyone to feel welcome, seen and important 

  • Signals the class has begun 

  • Introduces our theme



  • Lots of tapping, brushing and squeezing to really ‘wake up’ our bodies and help our dancers feel where their bodies are in space  

Dance Routine.png

Sensory Dances 

  • Main bulk of the session is filled with different dances 

  • Each dance has a different sensory prop such as shakey eggs, coloured scarves, parachute, light up gloves, costumes etc 

  • We have a short break to have a quick drink in the middle 

Special Activity  

  • This is a different activity/dance each week and really helps us explore the theme 

Cool Down.png

Cool Down

  • A calming down dance sat down 

  • We use a water mist at the beginning to signify being ‘cool’ 


Goodbye Song 

  • Signals the end of the session 

This class is led by Jade

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