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Volunteer Case Studies


Meet Elisha! 

Elisha has been with Spectrum for 3 years!! Elisha has recently returned back from University and is now back at Spectrum every week - it's so rewarding she just can't keep away! 

What is your favourite memory/favourite thing about Spectrum?

I love seeing the children grow and develop in their skills, not just dancing ability but also making lots of friends within the group. I really enjoy the variety of activities we do in the sessions, it's really great fun with all the participants and other volunteers!

How is it helping with your career?

I hope to work with children and adults with disabilities in a social work capacity! I've learnt so much about the variety of disabilities and the needs of different individuals.

What makes volunteering for Spectrum so rewarding?

Seeing all the children and volunteers let go, enjoy themselves and have fun!

What has been your most rewarding moment volunteering for Spectrum?

The special relationships I have built with the children. Getting to know them personally, their likes and strengths and being able to act upon these to help their enjoyment for the sessions.

Why would you recommend volunteering for Spectrum?

Being in an environment where everyone is smiling and having fun is definitely why I'd recommend it! I never fail to come home from a session smiling and feeling like I've had a lot of fun!

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Meet Hannah! Hannah is one of our Sensory Movers and Adult Movers volunteers on a Monday evening, as well as our very own Spectrum admin assistant. 

What is your favourite memory/favourite thing about Spectrum?

Spectrum brings as much joy to its volunteers as it does to its users. Being at the sessions is like entering a bubble of happiness - it's the perfect remedy for if you are in need of being cheered up.

How is it helping with your career?

As well as being emotionally rewarding, volunteering at Spectrum has helped me to blossom as a person, improving my confidence, communication and empathy, skills that I know will be important when building a future career and for life as a whole.

Why would you recommend volunteering for Spectrum?

I would urge anyone with a desire to contribute to their community, and who loves to have bundles of fun, to volunteer with Spectrum. You will undoubtedly see how much of a privilege it is to be part of such an enthusiastic and dedicated group, and it will never fail to bring a bit of sparkle into your everyday life.

My favourite memories are always of the children's smiles - they are infectious, and being able to watch them shine makes you realise that you are truly a part of something special. 

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Meet Luna! Luna volunteers at Spectrum's Monday and Thursday evening clubs.

Luna has been with Spectrum since February 2019 and has gained a lot from volunteering with Spectrum! 

What is your favourite thing about Spectrum?

The atmosphere and the energy that everybody brings into the session: I personally felt welcomed from the first evening and wanted to come back as soon as it was over.

How is it helping with your career?

I've always wanted to use dance to bring people together, no matter their background or abilities. I've always perceived dance as a healing tool, and always wanted to become a dance therapist.

I'm sure volunteering with Spectrum will give me an insight on how to bring this dream forward.

What makes volunteering for Spectrum so rewarding?

Being present in the presence of those who are not as able-bodied as I am, and seeing them enjoy themselves as much as I do.

What has been your most rewarding moment volunteering for spectrum?

So far, seeing the entire choreography performed in such a beautiful range of diverse abilities working in unison. It was an amazing feeling to see what Jade had already seen before it even happened.

Would you recommend volunteering for Spectrum?

I'd highly recommend it as it is an entirely new and amazing feeling. Volunteering in itself is a humbling activity that will make anyone appreciate more of what they are blessed with, whatever their situation.

What skills have you developed?

To be more aware of others' potential and trust them with it.

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Meet Jess! Jess is one of our Mini Sensory Movers and Junior Movers volunteers on a Tuesday evening 🙂 Jess began volunteering with Spectrum in September 2018 since discovering she had some spare time to fill and has achieved an overwhelming satisfaction of joining Spectrum and cannot express how much she would recommend it to others. After asking Jess what made Spectrum so rewarding, this is the answer we got:

"After finding that I had some spare time to fill, Spectrum was the best thing that I could have chosen to participate in!

It is so lovely and rewarding to see the children progress and grow in confidence each session and is brilliant experience for myself! Jade is amazing and I thoroughly enjoy working alongside the other volunteers!

Jess new formatting copy.jpg

Spectrum has not only helped to build my confidence but has helped to improve my knowledge on safeguarding, and makaton so far, with thanks to the mini training sessions that Jade provides for us!"


Meet Leanne! Leanne is one of our Junior Movers volunteers on a Tuesday evening since January 2018. She has expressed how much she has got out of Spectrum in such a short period of time and how overwhelming positive it has been for her development!

What is your favourite thing about Spectrum?

Since I discovered I had a little spare time on Tuesday evenings, and wanting to become engaged and give back to the community, I cannot express how happy I am to have started volunteering for Spectrum after it was recommended to me! No matter how I have been feeling or whatever I have been doing before attending Spectrum's sessions, I will always come out with an overwhelming

How is it helping with your career?

I started Spectrum at the start of the year, but since volunteering with Spectrum I feel I have immensely developed as a person in a short period of time. Not only have I grown more confident, emphatic and developed my communication skills, but I have become confident enough to pursue my own passion of delivering dance/performing arts classes for those who may not have access to them.


I have always been interested in pursuing a career in dance but I have also had an interest in tying this into providing inclusive and accessible classes for those with disabilities or those who may not have the most easy access to the arts. Volunteering at Spectrum has given me a head start in pursuing this passion from the bite size training courses that Jade provides us with regularly.

In a few weeks of volunteering for Spectrum, I learnt many 'makaton' sayings that I was also able to use outside of Spectrum and awareness of conditions such as down syndrome and autism. In each session I volunteer at, I feel like I am always learning more and constantly learning skills that I can implement in my own career by also my every day life and communication as well. 

Why would you recommend volunteering for Spectrum?

Firstly, I recommend volunteering for Spectrum because it will not only will Spectrum help with your confidence and personal and career development, but you will always be entering an encouraging atmosphere. You will meet new people, help people while your volunteer and you will create nothing but good memories by volunteering for Spectrum!

leanne new formatting.jpg

happiness and satisfaction. I instantly felt welcome at Spectrum and the atmosphere is always positive and that is why the volunteers and the children make the session 🙂 

One of my favourite things about Spectrum is meeting people from different walks of life and watching the enjoyment that the children get from the sessions, which just proves how rewarding Spectrum can be!


Why would you recommend volunteering for Spectrum?

It’s not just the participants & the positive impact you can have on their lives that makes sessions so great but it’s also all of the volunteers. I look forward to every session to see everyone and have some fun.

What is your favourite memory/favourite thing about Spectrum?

Performing to the mayor at the Christmas show last year. I worked with a lot of the participants on various routines & every single one of them achieved something so big on that day.

Performing in a new environment, in front of an audience of people they don’t know! There was a lot of change and rightly so a lot of nerves that day which is why I almost cried with happiness in our finale song when I looked around and saw everyone on stage.

bea new format quote copy.jpg

Just them being there was an amazing achievement for so many & seeing them smiling, laughing & dancing was just the bonus!


What is your favourite thing about Spectrum?

My favourite thing about Spectrum is the rewarding interactions that I get to have with children of a wide variety of ages and abilities!

How is it helping with your career?

It has helped developed my confidence, resilience and interpersonal skills and contributed towards me receiving an offer to study medicine.

What makes volunteering for Spectrum so rewarding?

Harry new format.jpg

Being able to make the kids smile and laugh, as well as comforting them when there anxious or stressed, is what makes volunteering at Spectrum so rewarding. How appreciative Jade is of everyones' contributions also helps too!

What has been your most rewarding moment volunteering for Spectrum?

It's so hard to pick a most rewarding moment, because there have been so many rewarding moments!

Would you recommend volunteering for Spectrum?

I would highly recommend volunteering for Spectrum, as although it can be challenging, it's so rewarding and you will benefit so much from it, both mentally and in terms of the skills you will develop!

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