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Testimonials from our participants

"Since Bradley has been attending your Performing Arts group his confidence to interact with his peers has grown and also he enjoys showing the performances he has learnt from you to the rest of his family."


“My daughter (age 14) absolutely loves music and loves to dance but there is no way she could keep up with any of the 'mainstream' classes and activities that are available.” 


"Oliver started off quite shy and anxious about dance club. Now he's super cool ready for the hour of dance. He's ready to join in and give it all from the minute he's through the door. We even practice to the songs at home." - Kim (Mum)


"Joshua's confidence has grown since joining Spectrum and his social skills have also greatly improved!" 


She's the best in the whole universe

My favourite is the ribbon dance because I like the song to it"  - Ruby (Age 11)

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