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20 September to 1 November 2022 
Getting started

This is all the information you need in order to #supportspectrum and join our huge fundraising campaign. 

First things first, decide how and when you would like to fundraise! Will you dye your hair purple? Do a sponsored silence? Run a Marathon? 


You can organise your fundraiser event as soon as you like, however, the link to donate to this campaign will be open between the 20th of September and the 1st of November


This means that if you would like all of your fundraising hard work to count towards us reaching our £10,000 goal and you would like Sports England to double your donation, you must donate anything you’ve raised before November 1st! 


If it is more convenient for you to fundraise sooner that is no problem, however, you won’t be able to donate it to this campaign until our link opens on the 20th of September. If you try to donate sooner it will not be counted.


TOP TIP: Make sure you leave yourself time to collect all of the money from your fundraising, taking into account any time for bank transfers. For instance, it takes bank transfers from the platform ‘GoFundMe’ 2-5 business days to arrive.

You must make sure you will be able to collect all of the donations and contribute them to the crowdfunding before November 1st for your donation to count towards this campaign, so leave yourself plenty of time!

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Sign up to get involved
Sign up to get involved
Have you formulated a plan you are excited about?
You must fill out this form before you get going! 
This lets us at Spectrum know what you are planning so we can:
  1. Keep you up to date with the campaign
  2. Thank you for your help
  3. Shout out how amazing you are on social media to get as many people supporting your hard work as possible!

When you have decided on all of the details you can get going with your fundraising!


Please Note: We are asking that you fundraise independently and once you have collected all of your donations, then contribute the entire sum to Spectrum’s crowdfunding campaign. 

This is so that we can manage rewards and supporters in the most efficient way! However, we are more than happy to support you with your fundraising efforts if you need it! 

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