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Top tips for your fundraising
Everything you need to know to start fundraising for Spectrum  is in this PDF - download it to get started.
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Are you collecting cash by selling a product or raising money at an event?


If this is the case, you simply need to raise the funds, collect your cash and pay the cash into a personal bank account in order to donate it online to the crowdfunding campaign. Unfortunately, cash cannot be counted in this particular match-funded campaign as it all must be donated online. Feel free to get in contact if you have difficulty with this.

Are you selling tickets?

Whether that is on an online ticketing service like ‘Eventbrite’ or in person for an event or performance. 


If you are organising an event, you may want to fundraise by selling tickets. You can elect to do this using an online platform.

Step-by-step guide
There are so many different platforms you can sell tickets through. For instance, here is a guide from TicketLeap.

TOP TIP: Make sure to take the time to check out if your ticketing platform charges you. Some charge a flat fee, and some add a very small percentage to the cost of the ticket. Whatever is best for you – just make sure you are aware!


You may want to forgo these platforms and provide tickets yourself, maybe asking people to pay at the door as they arrive or pay in advance and be put on a ticket list. This is often easier and more appropriate for smaller and local events however as you will be organising tickets yourself make sure you stay aware of attendees so you don’t get overwhelmed and oversell!


Please note: If you are hosting an event please make sure that you are following Spectrums guidelines, and also communicating with your venue to adhere to all their health and safety practices including maximum occupancy.

Are you collecting pledges in advance?

These could be paid to you in cash, bank transfer or onto an online platform once a goal is completed. 


This is a great way to fundraise if you are taking part in a challenge!


This can be either variable…

For instance, if you were to do a sponsored swim, someone may pledge to pay you £1.00 per length. That way the further you push yourself the more money you raise!


Or it could be a set amount… 

For instance, someone could pledge to pay you £50.00 to wax your legs!


In either case, Spectrum has provided a downloadable pledge form to help you keep track of your pledges. Simply have your donators fill out the form, complete your challenge and collect your pledges either in cash and in person, through bank transfer or onto an online fundraising platform! 

Do you want to make it easy for people to donate online, using a fundraising platform like GoFundMe?


No matter how you are fundraising, online platforms like GoFundMe can be a very efficient way to collect donations from people all around the world easily! It is a great option as it will allow you to have a link that you can share on social media or with friends and family! 

Step-by-step guide
Check out this guide to setting up your own GoFundMe in just 8 easy steps

Please Note: When setting up a GoFundMe, you must select that you are fundraising for ‘someone else’ instead of for a charity so that you can withdraw the funds yourself and donate them to Spectrum’s crowdfunding campaign.


Reasons an online platform may not be the right fit are if you are: 

  1. Selling a physical product that you need to then deliver! Don’t get caught with shipping costs!

  2. Receiving a large donation from a close person who could send it directly to you! There’s no fee to start your fundraiser. However, GoFundMe payment processors deduct one small transaction fee per donation (2.9% + $0.30) So if someone was to donate £500.00 you would only receive £484. Fundraising platforms are very helpful but please always be aware of fees!


Please Note: Bank transfers from specifically GoFundMe take 2-5 business days to arrive. Most platforms have a window of a few days! 

TOP TIP: Think carefully about the level or organisation that you can manage! Not everyone needs to be setting up big online fundraising campaigns. We are very grateful to those who are shooting for the stars, however, if that is too much for you and you are more comfortable doing a small event where people can contribute in cash we are still so grateful for your help! No event is too big or too small!


When you have decided, what, when, where and how you are fundraising how do you spread the word? 


Obviously, we look to our friends and family to support us, and letting them know how you are challenging yourself and how much Spectrum means to you encourages them to donate. 


Share your fundraising efforts in your workplace, in any clubs you are a part of and even in local community spaces to get even more people involved!


Social media can also be a very important tool, share what you are up to and about Spectrum as a whole, you never know who will see it and be inspired to donate! 


We would love you to be shouting about your fundraising effort all over Spectrum’s social media in order to get as many people involved and excited as possible!

Don’t forget to tag us on social media! 


Insta - @spectrum_community_arts

Facebook -  @spectrumca (Spectrum Community Arts)

Use the hashtag -  #supportspectrum 

Include this link to information about fundraising in case your audience would also like to get involved.

Free downloads
We have also provided free graphics for you to use in your social media posts as well as free posters and pledge sheets.

Please send any pictures of your fundraising efforts to so we can celebrate you!

We would love to see, share and shout about just how incredible you are!


Please note:  if you DO NOT want these photos shared on social media or DO NOT have permission from the subjects to share an image please do not send it or make it abundantly clear which photos need altering. 

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