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8-17 Years
6.00 -7.00 PM
Thursday Evenings (Term Time)

Oxley Park Community Centre

Milton Keynes MK4 4TA

About the session...


Performing Arts Club is a fun session exploring different musicals and themes through dance, singing, drama and lots of games!


Focusing on a theme over a term or half-term the performers learn dance routines and songs step-by-step building on it each week until at the end they have a performance piece to share! We also often work collaboratively in teams to create drama scenes and dance routines of their own.


While this club is more technique focused, it’s not about being ‘perfect’ and we pride ourselves on providing a safe space for performers to be themselves without judgment.


Many of our performers have joined this club after trying mainstream alternatives and finding it ‘not quite the right fit’. Expect high energy, focused listening time, a chance for the performers (and parent/carers) to make friends and a whole heap of fun!   

This club is aimed at those with a lower/moderate level of support needs and is fantastic for sensory avoidants who thrive in more structured settings!


- Parent of Current Performer


He looks forward to the sessions which tell me that he is enjoying them and it gives him structure and routine other than school

What makes this class accessible?

  • Visual Timetable to support transitions

  • Visuals/PECS used to support communication and choice making 

  • Makaton to support communication and singing

  • Inclusive language

  • Sensory bag is available to support self-regulation 

  • Ear defenders available for performers to borrow 

  • Class capped at 10 performers to reduce the overwhelm  

  • All stimming is welcomed and accepted  

  • Volunteers in the class to provide support/engagement when needed 

  • Coloured non-slip spots to indicate where the performers should be in the room to support with grounding and personal space 

What to expect in a typical Junior Peformers Session? 


Hellos in a circle

  • A quick check-in and shake  

  • Everyone gets the chance to say ‘hello’! 

  • An opportunity for everyone to feel welcome, seen and important 


Warm-up to music 

  • High energy movement to release any emotions/energy stored up from the day and safely ‘wake up’ our bodies ready for movement.   

Dance Routine.png


  • Each week we practise our dance routine and build on it.  

  • Dancers often get to put their own moves into the dance too! 


Break time 

  • 5/10 minutes to have a drink, use the toilet and socialise!  

Drama Games.png

Drama or singing 

  • This changes each week and is either a drama-based game or an opportunity to work in a team to create their own drama scene OR we will sing a song! 

  • Occasionally, we will have time to fit both in – it depends on what we’re working towards at the time.  

Cool Down.png

Cool Down

  • A calming down moment where we breath and stretch sat down 

This class is led by Jade

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