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Spectrum’s Bespoke Sessions | The Chiltern School sensory immersive day - 22nd of November

Jade, Poppy and Rosie went in and delivered a curriculum-embedded Performing arts day for the Cognition and learning pathway. The theme was Abracadabra and we saw 4 different classes and between us delivered 12 hours of dance, drama, music and sensory fun!

In Poppy's dance sessions they learnt how to use a magic wand (a rainbow ribbon dance), and how to move like magical words: fizz, whoos, spiral and bang before working as a group to create their own spells.

In Rosie's drama sessions the pupils met a mischievous wizard who liked to play tricks on their friends! The class turned into frogs, their brooms broke mid-flight and it rained sweets in the middle of a lesson!

With Jade, the groups journeyed through the story Room On the Broom via sensory explorations, music and song culminating in using pom poms, water beads and glow sticks to make our final magic spell!

Quote from Teacher: "Thank you so much for everything! Everyone absolutely loved it and definitely they would want to do it again in the future. The resources were great and the staff were very engaging. Thank you for making the day so pleasant!" - Nina Tiger Class Teacher / Cognition and Learning Operational Lead The Chiltern School

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