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10-17 Years
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6:00-7:00 PM
Monday Evenings (Term Time)

Water Eaton Church Centre Bletchley, MK2 3RR

About the session...


Spectrum Songs is a music-focused session and is all about learning songs through singing, signing, movement and playing instruments.


Each session provides an opportunity to play handheld musical instruments, such as shakers, tambourines and ukuleles as well as learn a variety of songs. Spectrum Songs is great for those who enjoy making sounds and/or singing and is an opportunity to have a go at learning different aspects of music, including pitch and rhythm.


The sessions are all about developing musical skills, making friends and having fun! 

Each half-term we focus on a different musical element to work on, and participants build upon different skills each week. Each half-term we will have one main song and we will learn elements of this each week.  

This class is aimed at those with a lower level of support needs and who thrive in more structured settings.


We have non-speaking performers who engage well in this club -  adaptations are made so everyone access the fun of Spectrum Songs!  

She always comes out with a big smile on her face after her session and tells me something about what's she's done or what song they have been singing

- Parent of Current Performer


What makes this class accessible?

  • Visual Timetable to support transitions 

  • ​Visuals used to support communication and themes/topics 

  • Makaton to support communication and processing of instructions 

  • Makaton to support singing

  • Sensory bag is available to support self-regulation

  • Ear defenders are available for participants to borrow

  • Singing to help aid transitions e.g. hello song and goodbye song 

  • Class capped at 12 performers to reduce the overwhelm  

  • Includes some sensory props to help participants engage with different elements of the music  


What to expect in a typical Spectrum Songs Session? 

Explore musicals and express your creativity...

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Hello Song

  • Signals that the class has begun  

  • An opportunity for everyone to be welcomed into the class 

  • An opportunity to play an instrument and have a chance to demonstrate this to everyone  


Warm Up

  • Warming up our bodies and voices, this often includes warming up our faces, practicing pitch and creating sounds  

Dance Routine.png

Movement Song

  • An opportunity to get our bodies moving 

  • This usually involves lots of rhythmic tapping, body percussion or a song with actions  

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  • Exploring handheld percussion instruments – this activity is different each week and may include creating different rhythms, call and response, playing in different ways or playing whilst singing  


Singing and Signing Song  

  • This is our main focus song for the term and each week we will learn a new section/element of it  

  • This song always includes some singing and signing (Makaton) 

  • Our singing and signing song often includes other elements to combine the focus of the half term  


Goodbye Song  

  • Signalling the end of the session  

  • A chance to feel calm before going home  

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