What do other organisations have to say?


June 2019

“Jade has been an absolute asset to Fulbrook and the SEND Team. For the past 18 months, she has been working with vulnerable pupils, creating a safe and fun environment where they can express their emotions and develop their communication skills. Jade's sessions are bespoke to us - she is always willing to adapt her sessions to suit the cohort in front of her.

When a concern or issue arises whether that is something that has happened in school or at home, Jade has been able to use her sessions as a way of supporting pupils via social stories through drama. The pupils really enjoy working with Jade; she is understanding, motivating and her enthusiasm is infectious.”

Justine McQuillan

SEND co-ordinator

Fulbrook Middle School


June 2019

“The children love the sessions and can't wait for each one to come. One of the Year 4 boys stopped going and has been begging me to let him go again!

It has been wonderful to see children who are vulnerable flourish within the sessions. To hear the sound of a non-verbal child's voice will always be one of my most amazing memories.

It is so beneficial for children to have an outlet for emotions and energies which is not academic or static and which encourages self-expression and freedom. I really value the flexibility of your session, the fact that you can target any number of themes or challenges within the workshop.”

Pippa Perks

Deputy Head and Head of Inclusion

Greenleas Lower School


April 2019

"Jade is a fantastic dance teacher. Energetic, patient and fun. We're going to miss you at Living It

Up Performing Arts Centre."

Claire Crawford

Living It Up Performing Arts Centre


May 2019

“It never ceases to amaze me, the talents that unexpectedly spring out of the children, but the clever thing is to pull it out, which is what Jade does”

Gaye Beattie

Leighton Buzzard Mencap



March 2019

“We were delighted with the workshops delivered by Jade on several occasions, enjoyable, fun and interactive!”

Creative Learning

MK Theatre